The Francis Crick Institute,
London • 15-16 January 2023
SVG Rotate 2

DeSci London is a 2-day event focused on showcasing the potential of blockchain technology within science. Over the course of the two days, we will host talks and workshops focused on decentralised science (DeSci) projects aiming to improve everything from publishing infrastructure to longevity, rare diseases, climate tech & SynBio.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

With lofty goals to transform Science through web3 technology, we also want to set a new benchmark for diversity, equity & inclusion. That is why we will be offering travel grants to both the DeSci & Academic communities to ensure women and minority groups are represented in talks and attendance. Apply here.

An International Powerhouse

By leveraging London’s role as a biotech hub with one of the highest concentrations of academic talent in the world, and combining it with the emerging web3 sector, we have an opportunity to kickstart the next scientific revolution!


Laurence Ion
Dealflow Steward - VitaDAO
Martin Codyre
Co-founder Fleming Protocol
Artur Wdowiarski
Engineering Leader - 3Box Labs - Ceramic Network
Esther Jaromi, PhD
Queen Mary University of London
Michael Fisher, PhD
Founder DB Dao
Sarah Hamburg
Prof. Viktor Korolchuk
Newcastle University
Morgan Richards
Chris Byrnes
IP Lawyer Molecule
Véronique Birault
Director of Translational Science The Francis Crick Institute
Amy Nick, PhD
Patent Attorney Kilburn & Strode
Riccardo Goldoni, PhD
Research Hub
David Kell
Thomas Landrain, PhD
Co-Founder & CEO JOGL
Shuoying Zhang
Chief Strategy FLock
John Fletcher, PhD
CEO Cambridge Cryptographic
Jakub Smékal
Lindsey Breier
UX OpSci
Friederike Ernst, PhD
Co-Founder & COO Gnosis
Maria Marinova, PhD
Apollo Health Ventures
Nikolina Lauc
Co-Founder & CEO GlycanAge
Niklas Rindtorff
Founder & Core LabDAO
Vincent Weisser
Chief Ecosystem Molecule
Colin McCall
Partner Taylor Wessing
Jeffery Hsia
CEO & Founder of Scisets
Ransu Salovaara
Founder & CEO of Likvidi
Vitalik Buterin, via zoom
Founder of Ethereum
Joshua Bates
CEO & Co-Founder DeSciWorld
Lily Hansen-Gillis
Core LabDao
Andre Chagwedera
CEO & Co-Founder Fleming Protocol
Alfred Brown
Co-Founder DeSci London
Alexandra McCarroll
Co-Founder Phas3
Ben Fielding
Co-Founder Gensyn
Bianca Trovò, PhD
Christopher Hill, PhD
Core DeSci Labs
Harry Grieve
Co-Founder Gensyn
Iryna Tsimashenka, PhD
Protocol Labs
Julia Hawkins
Partner LocalGlobe
Martin Karlsson
CEO & Co-Founder
Oli Rayner
Rare Disease Expert
Richard Blythman
Co-Founder AlgoveraAI
Sara Holland, PhD
Patent Attorney Potter Clarkson
Sarah Rouse, D.Phil
Imperial College London & SpaceBioDAO
Laura Minquini
Founder AthenaDAO
Isabel Thompson
Product Lead LabDao
Holke Brammer
Protocol Labs
Alok Tayi, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder Vibe Bio
Tyler Golato
Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder Molecule
Jenny Molloy, D.Phil
University of Cambridge

DeSci London Hackathon

DeSci London Hackathon is a hackathon event taking place on the 12th and 13th of January 2023. This hack is aimed at anyone interested in DeSci. The event will have two tracks – code and no-code.

All submissions will be open source. Teams are encouraged and supported to experiment with web3 tools (e.g. SNARKs, knowledge graphs, NFTs) to solve specific problems in modern science.

Tasks will involve thinking through risks and following the values of Science as a public good, putting science first, and improving the quality of science.

Apply here.